Four key insights reveal a CDC agenda of obfuscation and deception regarding SADS, cancer, and excess non-Covid mortality, along with attempts to make…
Seven of the major eleven International Classification of Diseases codes tracked by the US National Center for Health Statistics exhibit stark increase…
The individual or team who can craft a keen vision of the core ACAN problem is the only entity which stands even a remote chance of actually solving it
King Solomon’s Lost Mine, source of the legendary pure gold of Ophir, wore the most clever of disguises – it was hidden in plain sight all along
Two industry cartels both harm and deceive their victims through blame and self-loathing, rather than allow their nefarious work to be actually…
The signature actions of the predator cannot be hidden. When a person desires to excuse their evil deeds done to another, these six ex post facto…
Man is this post workout drink good - the best thing I have done healthwise in years. The condition and count of one’s red blood cells, is central to…
Faith and skepticism are familiar dance partners. While the faithful investigates, the believer can merely debunk and selectively doubt.
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